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Reference Collaborative Processes in eBIZ/TC Upstream (2018-1)

release 5/11/2018

Process 1 - Garment accessory supply
Process Garment accessory supply
Description Process that describes the procurement of garment accessories by Clothing companies or Brand Retailers or other kind of Users (Home textile or automotive).
Process activities
Process activities
Activity transactions Diagrams
1 - Purchase of garment accessories
Activity of purchase of garment accessories, includes monitoring of the advancements of the order.
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2 - Delivery of garment accessories
Activity of delivering the garment accessory to the Clients.
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Functions/Actors involved
  • Apparel Producer
    Company or company function that organises manufacturing and material supplying in order to obtain a finished garments from fabrics. It is the Client of the Fabric Producer and partially of the Yarn Producer.
  • Garment Accessory Producer
    Company or company function that produces garment accessories; has Apparel and Knitwear producers as customers.