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Reference Collaborative Processes in eBIZ/TC Upstream (2018-1)

release 5/11/2018

Process 1 - Yarn supply
Process Yarn supply
Description Process of supplying of yarns (usually for production of fabrics, knitwear; sometimes directly to clothing producing functions and other industrial users and to final customers).
Process activities
Process activities
Activity transactions Diagrams
1 - Selection of yarns
(New or updated)
The Fabric or Knitwear producer selects the yarns on which to place its purchase orders
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2 - Purchase of yarns
Activity of purchase of yarns, includes monitoring of the advancements of the order.
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3 - Delivery of yarn
Activity of delivering the yarn to the Clients This activity does not include the provision of a quality report to the Client and the invoicing
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Functions/Actors involved
  • Fabric Producer
    Company or company function that organises manufacturing and material supplying in order to obtain a finished fabric used for the production of garments or home textile. The actual manufacturing may be done by own factories or by sub-contractors. Its productive process has in input yarns and in output fabrics. It is the Supplier of the Apparel Producer and the customer of the Yarn Producer.
  • Yarn Producer
    Company or company function that produces yarns from raw material; has mainly Fabric and Knitwear producers as customers (clothing producers sometimes).